“The academic support system helps students overcome obstacles and focus on learning”

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We help learners learn effectively

The task of education is acquire skills & knowledge, and we help solve unnecessary issues of students and let them focus on learning.
Academic Support

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Improved performance

Achieve higher academic results with well-prepared work


Research meets standards

Research meets SIMI's international standards

Free from plagiarism

Free from academic integrity issues


Stay on topic request

Stay on topic in written assignments


Higher retention rates

Maintain progress and reduce course failures

Better time management

Balance time between work and life


Our consultant will explain the support you'll receive at SIMI Swiss

SIMI Swiss

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The academic support system helps you overcome unnecessary barriers while studying with our fully accredited programs.

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    Thanks, SIMI Swiss

    From writing assistance to research supervision, they provide everything you need to succeed academically.
    Emma Parton

    Tutoring Support

    The tutoring services provided by SIMI Swiss are top-notch. The tutors are knowledgeable and always ready to help, making complex subjects much easier to understand.
    Ian Robert