Better writing

Clarity and coherence
in written assignments

Writing support improves writing skills, adherence to formatting and style guidelines, clarity and coherence in written assignments, reduces plagiarism, and enhances overall academic performance.

x Improved writing skills

x Better formatting adherence

x Reduced plagiarism

How it works

The writing support system provides comprehensive assistance throughout your studies, from coursework and assignments to capstone projects (for bachelor's and master's students) and doctoral theses.


It is important to note that all writing support systems are implemented by local partners, and you are responsible for your content. Our local academic partners do not complete work on your behalf, do not guarantee results, and do not interfere with the evaluation outcomes of SIMI Swiss. Please refer to the support system policy for more details.

Support before submitting assignments.

The writing support system will check your English, format, and plagiarism to ensure your writing is clear, correctly structured, and meets SIMI Swiss's requirements.

Support for capstone projects.

A capstone project is an important assignment designed to ensure students demonstrate their ability to apply learned knowledge, typically used in bachelor's and master's programs. In addition to the support provided for assignments, students are also guided and checked for writing styles like APA/Harvard style and citations.

Writing support for doctoral theses.

Similar to capstone projects, the writing support system also assists doctoral candidates. Due to the stringent requirements of a doctoral thesis regarding format, APA/Harvard writing styles, and the rigorous structure of a research thesis, the writing support system provides templates, assistance at each stage, and final checks before submission to SIMI.


What you gain from the writing support


Improved Skills

Enhance writing abilities significantly


Formatting Help

Ensure proper structure and format

Plagiarism Check

alidate originality of your work


Clarity Boost

Make your writing clear and precise


Style Guidance

Adhere to APA/Harvard styles

Template Support

Access useful writing templates

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We help you write correctly, eloquently, and in style, but you must be the one writing

Academic Support

All kind of writing support

When participating in a SIMI Swiss program, depending on the country, you may receive writing support as listed below

Help students enhance their writing skills

Ensure learner meet academic standards and learning objectives

Ensure papers and assignments meet formatting standards

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