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PreUniversity of Switzerland (PUS) offers accredited pre-university programs recognized globally, preparing students for full-time study at SIMI and other international universities, with the added benefit of immediate work eligibility upon graduation.

PreUniversity of Switzerland (PUS) has a single goal: to provide a globally recognized pre-university program. Preparing for full-time education abroad, particularly at SIMI, is significant in terms of finance, knowledge, and language skills. PUS programs help students save time and expenses while preparing for studying abroad.

As a member of the Swiss Institute of Management and Innovation (SIMI), PUS prepares students for full-time study at SIMI’s Swiss campus. PUS’s globally accredited programs allow students to apply for Bachelor’s programs at universities in the UK, Europe, Canada, and the USA. Graduates can also work immediately with a Level 3 Diploma from the UK and Switzerland.

Upon completion, students receive either a Level 3 Diploma PreU in Foundation Studies or a Level 3 Diploma in Business and Management. PUS certifications are recognized in over 5000 Bachelor’s programs worldwide and are coordinated with the UK’s National Qualification System, awarding students two Level 3 Foundation degrees from the UK and SIMI.

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