Swiss Hospitality School

The Swiss Hospitality School, part of the esteemed Swiss Information and Management Institute (SIMI Swiss), is a leading institution in the realm of hospitality education.

The Swiss Hospitality school offers comprehensive programs designed to prepare students for successful careers in the global hospitality industry.

Switzerland is renowned as the world’s number one destination for hospitality programs, and the Swiss Hospitality School upholds this reputation by providing high-quality education that combines theoretical knowledge with practical experience. Students benefit from flexible learning options, including online, offline, and hybrid formats, allowing them to tailor their education to their individual needs.

The faculty at the Swiss Hospitality School consists of industry professionals who bring valuable insights and real-world expertise to the classroom. The school also maintains strong partnerships with international universities and hospitality organizations, providing students with opportunities for globally recognized qualifications and extensive professional networking.

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Fully accredited Swiss hospitality programs
Up to Doctorate
Certificates & awards
Level 3-8 Diplomas; Bachelor Degrees; Master Degrees; Doctoral Degrees