Understand the pros and cons of a private degree in Switzerland


Private Degrees in Switzerland

To make an informed decision, it is important to understand the pros and cons of a private degree in Switzerland

A private degree in Switzerland refers to an academic qualification awarded by private institutions rather than public universities. Here’s an overview of private degrees in Switzerland:

Characteristics of Private Degrees:

Private Institutions:

  • Private universities and colleges, often specialized in fields like business, hospitality, and international relations.
  • Examples include institutions like Swiss Information and Management Institute (SIMI Swiss), Schweizer Institut für Hochschulbildung in Management und Innovation (MI Swiss), Swiss Institute of Management and Sciences (SIMS).


  • Accreditation of a private institution in Switzerland is highly important but not mandatory.
  • Some private institutions seek accreditation from Swiss accreditation bodies or international accreditation (e.g., in the case of SIMI Swiss, they have obtained accreditation from ASIC UK, OTHM, HEAD, AQS…) based on the decision of the institutions and their student orientation.


  • Often tailored to meet the needs of specific industries and may include practical training, internships, and industry partnerships.
  • Focus on providing a more personalized education experience, smaller class sizes, and a global perspective.


  • Private degree in Switzerland generally do not confer any entitlement upon the holder to gain direct access to a higher level of studies within Switzerland’s public higher education sector;
  • Private degree in Switzerland generally may not be used by the holder to carry out a profession that is regulated in Switzerland;
  • Private degree in Switzerland may be used by the holder to carry out an unregulated profession; appreciation of the value of private degrees is left up to employers.


  • Typically higher tuition fees compared to public universities, reflecting the private funding model and often more intensive resources and facilities provided.
Private Degree of SIMI Swiss:

As a private higher education institute in Zug, Switzerland, SIMI Swiss:

  • Have full right and legal to offer higher education courses, organise examinations or issue private degrees (bachelor, master, doctorate, post doctorate…).
  • Accreditation of a private institution in Switzerland is not mandatory but SIMI Swiss have obtained accreditation from ASIC UK, OTHM, HEAD, AQS, SVEB Switzerland… READ MORE
  • SIMI Swiss programs aimed at international students are taught in English. SIMI Swiss training programs belong to a group of programs designed to help learners work in unregulated professions.
  • The tuition fees at SIMI Swiss are higher than those of public universities in Switzerland.
Dual Degree Systems of SIMI Swiss:

To take advantage of the benefits of a private degree while ensuring students can use their qualifications in various contexts, SIMI Swiss programs are not only internationally accredited but also recognized by results from top-ranked partner universities or international educational organizations. With the arrangement of mutual recognition of results, students can receive a prestigious and flexible degree from SIMI Swiss that meets employment needs, while also accumulating degrees from other universities to optimize their qualifications. The partner universities chosen by SIMI Swiss are among the top-ranked in their respective countries. Please contact a local consulting unit to learn more about the partner universities offering mutual recognition of results.

Benefit of Dual degree systems of SIMI Swiss:

  • You can study a flexible and prestigious program that aligns with training goals and the international standards of SIMI Swiss.
  • You can receive both the private degree from SIMI Swiss for use in the workplace and the degree from partner universities for various purposes, including working in the public sector.

Office circular: Validity of degrees issued by private higher education institutions in Switzerland from State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation SERI

Understand the pros and cons of a private degree in Switzerland
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