Supports the publication of research papers in international journals


Publishing international research papers

SIMI Swiss supports students and faculty in publishing their research papers in international academic journals, including the SIMI Swiss academic journal and prestigious ISI/SCOPUS-indexed journals.

The goal is to disseminate high-quality research findings and enhance the academic reputation of the institution and its researchers.

Services Provided

1. Research Paper Development:

  • Provide guidance on writing and structuring research papers to meet international standards.
  • Offer feedback and editing services to improve the clarity and impact of the manuscript.

2. Journal Selection:

  • Assist researchers in identifying appropriate journals for submission, including SIMI Swiss academic journal and ISI/SCOPUS-indexed journals.
  • Provide information on journal impact factors, submission guidelines, and publication fees.

3. Submission Support:

  • Guide researchers through the submission process, including preparing cover letters and responding to reviewers’ comments.
  • Offer support in navigating journal submission systems and understanding submission requirements.

4. Workshops and Seminars:

  • Conduct workshops on academic writing, research ethics, and the publication process.
  • Offer seminars on specific topics such as writing for high-impact journals and responding to peer review.

5. Funding and Grants:

  • Provide information on available funding opportunities and grants for publication fees.
  • Assist researchers in applying for publication funding from institutional or external sources.

Publishing International Research Papers Policy


The objective of the Publishing International Research Papers Policy is to establish guidelines and provide support for researchers at SIMI Swiss in publishing their work in international academic journals. This policy ensures that research publications meet high academic standards and contribute to the global body of knowledge.


This policy applies to all students, faculty, and researchers affiliated with SIMI Swiss who seek to publish their research in international journals.


Quality Standards:

  • Research papers must meet the highest standards of academic rigor, originality, and ethical conduct.
  • Authors must ensure that their manuscripts are free from plagiarism and properly cite all sources.

Journal Selection:

  • Researchers should select journals that are reputable and relevant to their field of study.
  • Preference should be given to journals indexed in ISI, SCOPUS, or other recognized academic databases.

Submission Process:

  • Researchers must follow the specific submission guidelines of the chosen journal, including formatting, referencing, and cover letter requirements.
  • Submissions to the SIMI Swiss academic journal should adhere to the journal’s guidelines and undergo a peer-review process.

Funding and Support:

  • SIMI Swiss may provide financial support for publication fees, subject to availability and approval.
  • Researchers are encouraged to seek external funding opportunities to cover publication costs.



  • Ensure that their research meets high academic and ethical standards.
  • Actively participate in the peer-review process and respond to reviewers’ comments in a timely and professional manner.
  • Acknowledge SIMI Swiss affiliation and funding sources in their publications.

Support Staff:

  • Provide guidance and support throughout the research publication process.
  • Maintain professionalism and confidentiality in all interactions with researchers.
  • Continuously update their knowledge and skills to provide high-quality support.

Feedback and Improvement

Regular Assessments:

  • Conduct regular assessments of the support services provided for research publication to ensure their effectiveness.
  • Gather feedback from researchers to continually improve the quality of support provided.

Continuous Improvement:

  • Stay updated with the latest trends and best practices in academic publishing.
  • Incorporate new tools and techniques to enhance the support services for research publication.


The Publishing International Research Papers Policy ensures that SIMI Swiss researchers have access to the necessary resources and guidance to successfully publish their work in prestigious academic journals. By providing comprehensive support and maintaining high standards, SIMI Swiss is committed to promoting the dissemination of high-quality research and enhancing the academic reputation of the institution.

Supports the publication of research papers in international journals
Up to Doctorate
Certificates & awards
Level 3-8 Diplomas; Bachelor Degrees; Master Degrees; Doctoral Degrees