Tutor in class with lecturers

The objective of in-class tutors is to ensure that their knowledge aligns with the goals and training content of SIMI Swiss and the main lecturer, while also ensuring close coordination between tutors and the main lecturer. Additionally, the participation of tutors in the classroom ensures that students receive support in interacting with the lecturer.

The role of in-class tutors is crucial in enhancing the educational experience at SIMI Swiss. Their primary objective is to ensure that their knowledge aligns with the goals and training content of both SIMI Swiss and the main lecturer. This alignment is essential for maintaining the consistency and quality of the educational program.

In-class tutors play a vital role in ensuring close coordination with the main lecturer. This coordination involves regular meetings and communication to discuss lesson plans, student progress, and any challenges that may arise. By working closely with the lecturer, tutors can provide seamless support and reinforce the main concepts taught in the classroom.

Moreover, the presence of in-class tutors greatly benefits students by providing additional support and facilitating interaction with the lecturer. Tutors serve as a bridge between students and the lecturer, making it easier for students to ask questions and seek clarification on complex topics. This interaction helps create a more engaging and interactive learning environment, where students feel supported and encouraged to participate actively.

In conclusion, the objective of in-class tutors at SIMI Swiss is to align their knowledge with the institution’s goals and the main lecturer’s content while ensuring close coordination. Their participation not only enhances the overall learning experience but also ensures that students receive the necessary support to succeed academically.

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